The Problem

Pellets, microplastics of 1-3mm, are the raw material for creating different plastic solutions. However, due to their small size, they can escape from installations at every stage of their life cycle, from production to their transformation or in later recycling stages.

The Solution

Pelltinel stems from the commitment to Operation Clean Sweep, a worldwide initiative promoted in Europe by @PlasticsEurope to avoid the loss of plastic particles at any stage of their value chain: production, handling, transportation, transformation and recycling.

Pelltinel is a digital and intelligent product whose main objective is to detect, monitor and measure the presence of microplastics at different sites along the industrial plastic value chain; whether that be in production, logistics, transformation or recycling centers.


Detect leaks of microplastics, in order to implement any necessary mitigation actions.


Analyse data history to identify recurring problems and form predictions.


Protect our surroundings, reducing the presence of uncontrolled loss of microplastics.


Minimise microplastic loss.

Inspection and cleaning of trucks leaving the site, supported by FCID/MOID.
Management of outgoing water flows thanks to FLOID.
Inspection and management of compound perimeter fences that are in public areas, when applicable, using FCID/MOID.

Evidence of OCS monitoring, analysis and evaluation measures. Estimation of pellets lost in the last year, based on risk minimization methodology and internally developed KPIs, thanks to GIS. 



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